About Us

Letham village is the largest village in Angus and, with the surrounding area, has a population of about 3,000.  It lies in the beautiful County of Angus, which is on the East Coast of Scotland.  There is a great deal of arable land around the village and the crops grown vary from year to year.  One of the main crops is potatoes, and many of the crisps that you eat are made with potatoes from this area.  Cattle and sheep farming is also carried out here and this is where the Angus part of Aberdeen Angus cattle came from.  Fruit and vegetabels are also widely grown in this area.

The landscape changes with the seasons and all have their particular delights, from deep snow covered fields to new shoots showing.  The farmers here are busy all year round and as soon as one crop is lifted the field is being prepared for the next.

There is a great deal going on at all times during the year. This website will try to reflect the whole of village life.